Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Thought's on Android

Feature's are being added on every new android release.Feature like the USB Hosting capability was introduced in Android 3.1, which was a big boon for developers & users as it opened up several possibilities and functionality. It's a very powerful feature where one can connect their HID & storage devices to their phones. This feature i think can make us rethink the way we build/use our products or systems. In the current scenario of the ever competitive and revenue driven mobile industry there is a constant race among companies on who would grab a larger piece of pie in the market. To achieve this, large companies tend to make or modify their products according to the different taste's & sections of the consumer. This makes the products being developed for android not viable to work on every android phone as companies tend to modify their Android OS. This brings a sense of dislike among the consumer's when they don't find feature's like USB Hosting or application's not working. For this to happen there has to be a open communication/policies set between the phone maker's and Google.Let's see what's going to happen.